Wiser Lawn is a team of experienced lawn care service professionals in LUCAS COUNTY OHIO. Our services are mowing, landscape maintenance and cleanups, mulch installation and winter fruit tree pruning. We service residential & commercial properties.

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Mulch Installation


             Fruit Tree Pruning

" I'm really sad I didn't take "before" photos of my mess of a yard....Anyways, this is a HUGE shout out for Wiser Lawn! Our property was a complete overgrown mess. I sent a request for a bid online and they called me back the next day, came to the house a few hours later, and gave me a great quote. They came today while I was at work to actually tackle the beast and did just the best, highest quality work. The lawn is tamed. The sidewalks are edged. Everything was left cleaner and neater than when I left this morning.If you are in North Kitsap, give them a call. You might find your time is worth much more than their quoted price for the work and find yourself never mowing again.Paul and his wife have been wonderful to work with and I'm absolutely excited to give my yard work to a small local business."

Andria Head


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