Wiser Lawn is a team of experienced Lawn Care ServiceProfessionals focused specifically on Lawn Care in North Kitsap County. We service both commercial and residential properties.


The story

Wiser Lawn is 10 Years old this year. We started in Toledo, Ohio in '08 with a borrowed mower from dadand a love for the outdoors and moved across the country to Poulsbo in '14. Some slight differences but the goal is always the same. Be the best mowing company around.

Untypically good Lawn Care .

The goal at Wiser Lawn from the start has been to be different. We could say that we're awesome and then be the same as everyone else, but why not be bold about our services then back those words up? Why not guarantee every service call? That's what we are doing. If there is something/anything about the service that you find disappointing then we will fix it at the companies expense not yours. Without complaint or argument or excuse. If for some reason that the issue still is not fixed then we will pay someone else to fix it. We want you to be able to brag to your friends about us so that's the level we have decided to operate at.

No Funny Business

  We only hire legal team members for our crews. All will have background checks and be able to work in the US legally.

Open Communication

If you need to get a hold of us it will not take a week.  If you call after business hours we will call you back asap we do not play phone games with people. Also our customers occasionally here from us through a 'just checking in' call or email. We continue the openness after we have your business. We want to keep it.  

Poulsbo Lawn Care

Poulsbo Ornamental Pruning

Poulsbo Fruit Tree Pruning

Kingston Lawn care

Kingston Ornamental Pruning

Kingston Fruit Tree Pruning

Silverdale Lawn Care

Silverdale Ornamental Pruning

Silverdale Fruit Tree Pruning

Suquamish Lawn Care

Suquamish Ornamental Pruning

Suquamish Fruit Tree Pruning

Indianlola Lawn Care

Indianola Ornamental Pruning

Indianola Fruit Tree Pruning