Wiser Lawn is a team of experienced Lawn Care Service professionals focused specifically on Lawn Care in the Toledo Area

About Wiser Lawn

The story

Wiser Lawn is 13 Years old this year. Owners Paul & Jessi Wise started in Toledo, Ohio in 2008 with a borrowed mower, from Paul's dad Virg, and a love for the outdoors. We spent 4 years in the upper north west Seattle Washington area learning and gathering extensive experience in pruning, fruit tree care and landscaping. We have brought that experience and knowledge back to Toledo area and we provide the same professional Lawn Care services we have always had, only 'Wiser'.

Untypically good Lawn Care .

Our motto at Wiser Lawn is 'Serve & Grow'. That's what we are doing. Our service schedule is always fulfilled. We dont miss service calls whether residential or commercial. If there is something/anything about the service that needs attention then we will address it. If its an issue beyond our scope then we will pay someone else to fix it. We want you to be able to brag to your friends about us so that's the level we have decided to operate at.

Open Communication

If you need to get a hold of us it will not take a week.  If you call after business hours we will call you back asap. Our customers occasionally here from us through a 'just checking in' call or email as well. We continue the openness after we have your business. We want to keep it.   

Toledo Lawn Care

Toledo Ornamental Pruning

Toledo Fruit Tree Pruning

Sylvania Lawn care

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Holland Lawn Care

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