You live in what is basically a rain forest. What do you do if you want a normal looking lawn that doesn't grow moss like it usually would? Understand that in this area it will be a constant battle because the conditions here almost always support moss growth. This is a process that will work if done right. You cant just do it once. A lawn needs to be maintained yearly in order for the moss to remain absent.

Step 1 - Kill the moss.

  • Wait until the moss is dead to remove it. As long as 2 weeks
  • The products that are offered for this are usually green friendly but check to make sure. Ours is for sure.

Step 2 - Remove the dead moss.

  • Rake it out or dethatch the lawn to get it out.
  • Rake out and Remove as much moss as possible.

Step 3 - Sweeten or Condition the Soil to reject moss and accept. grass seed.

  • Lime helps with this and is safe for streams and rivers.
  • If your starting over or have more compacted soil then add new soil to the lawn for better seed germination.

Step 4 - Aerate and/or dethatch the lawn to accept newseed.

  • Loosens soil for better oxygen, creates holes for seed and helps with moisture control.

Step 5 - Seed the Lawn.

  • Choose Wisely(pun) - Get the right type of seed for your lawn.

Links to other resources about moss in your lawn

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