Wiser Lawn is a team of experienced Lawn Care ServiceProfessionals focused specifically on turf and landscape in North Kitsap County. We service both commercial and residential properties.


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Local Area - Lawn Care

Lawn Care Poulsbo
Lawn Care Kingston
Lawn Care Hansville 
Lawn Care Indianola 
Lawn Care Silverdale 
Lawn Care Bremerton 
Lawn Care Suquamish 
Lawn Care Bainbridge Island 
Lawn Care Port Gamble

Local Area - Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Poulsbo
Lawn Maintenance Kingston
Lawn Maintenance Hansville 
Lawn Maintenance Indianola 
Lawn Maintenance Silverdale 
Lawn Maintenance Bremerton 
Lawn Maintenance Suquamish 
Lawn Maintenance Bainbridge Island 
Lawn Maintenance Port Gamble

Local Area - Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Poulsbo
Lawn Mowing Kingston
Lawn Mowing Hansville 
Lawn Mowing Indianola 
Lawn Mowing Silverdale 
Lawn Mowing Bremerton 
Lawn Mowing Suquamish 
Lawn Mowing Bainbridge Island 
Lawn Mowing Port Gamble

Local Area - Lawn Service

Lawn Service Poulsbo
Lawn Service Kingston
Lawn Service Hansville 
Lawn Service Indianola 
Lawn Service Silverdale 
Lawn Service Bremerton 
Lawn Service Suquamish 
Lawn Service Bainbridge Island 
Lawn Service Port Gamble

Local Area - Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair Poulsbo
Sprinkler Repair Kingston
Sprinkler Repair Hansville 
Sprinkler Repair Indianola 
Sprinkler Repair Silverdale 
Sprinkler Repair Bremerton 
Sprinkler Repair Suquamish 
Sprinkler Repair Bainbridge Island 
Sprinkler Repair Port Gamble

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Poulsbo Lawn Care

Poulsbo Sprinkler Repair

Poulsbo Fruit Tree Pruning

Kingston Lawn care

Kingston Sprinkler Repair

Kingston Fruit Tree Pruning

Silverdale Lawn Care

Silverdale Sprinkler Repair

Silverdale Fruit Tree Pruning

Bainbridge Lawn Care

Bainbridge Sprinkler Repair

Bainbridge Fruit Tree Pruning

 Suquamish Lawn Care

Suquamish Sprinkler Repair

Suquamish Fruit Tree Pruning

Bremerton Lawn Care

Bremerton Sprinkler Repair

Bremerton Fruit Tree Pruning

Indianlola Lawn Care

Indianola Sprinkler Repair

Indianola Fruit Tree Pruning

Hansville Lawn Care

Hansville Sprinkler Repair

Hansville Fruit Tree Pruning